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ANGER MANAGEMENT (Adults) Group and Individual programs

180-Program - Anger Management Program

The 180-Program is an Anger Management Program that runs for 4 weeks (total of 8 hours). The program can also be completed via 4 individual counselling sessions.

For details of upcoming programs download the program flyer and referral form below:

Groups programs pending

North Melbourne

Individual programs starting now

North Melbourne and Frankston

180-Program individual counselling available - face to face and online video counselling

180-Program Referral Form

ANGER MANAGEMENT (Older Teens) Individual program

Act Out Change - Young People's Anger Management Program 

The Act Out Change Program is designed for 15 to 18 year olds, and explores anger management strategies and other related issues, including alcohol and other substance use, and reactive violence.

Individual counselling is available as online video counselling.

All referrals can be emailed to

Further details, contact Sally Nicholls (Program Manager/Senior Counsellor) on 0403 736 936 or

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